Sprekelmeyer Printing opened for business in a small shop just off Main Street on A St. NW in 1918. Feeling the need for more space, Mr. Sprekelmeyer moved his business to the north 1/3 of the Von Weiss Building (our current location) in 1923. Over the course of the next few decades, Sprekelmeyer Printing eventually took over and purchased the entire 10,000 square foot building. We head into 2013 celebrating 90 years in this location!

In 1953, the partnership of Bob Downing and John Frazier bought out L.A. Sprekelmeyer. Downing and Frazier operated the company until 1983 when they sold to the father and son partnership of Donald Black and Don Black, Jr. The Black family are the current owners.

From its beginning as a "Hot Type" letterpress shop where every letter and piece of art was set by hand and two to three weeks was the normal turnaround time, to the present when almost everything is produced digitally and 24 hours is the normal expectation, we continue to look for new ways to improve our services, always trying to be better and faster.

One of the cornerstones of our business is the way our customers feel about doing business with us. We invite you to consider using Sprekelmeyer Printing the next time your company needs printing. We pledge to work fast, never miss a deadline, have fair prices and treat every customer like you are our only customer. We do things differently than the other printers in our community and we believe we can provide the best print buying experience for you.